goran kojadinovic
1976  born in slovenia   1995  finished high-school in ćuprija and got employed in printing office   2000  graduated at polytechnic college in belgrade (graphic technology)   2004  moved to kragujevac because of work   2005  made first digital amateur photographies   2008  started photo-blog gkojadinovic   2009  participated in the establishment of youth association “motivakcija”   2010  participated in the establishment of photo-club “apolo”   2011  participated in several joint exhibitions and organization of the first festival of art photography in serbia fotorama   2012  made website www.gkojadinovic.com   2012  participated in organization of the second festival of art photography fotorama   2013  attended natalia taffarel's workshop ”high end beauty & fashion retouching”   2013  acquired exhibiting title f3 photo association of serbia   2014  participated in organization of the fourth festival of art photography fotorama   2014  attended natalia taffarel's workshop ”high end beauty & fashion retouching 2”   2014  acquired exhibiting title f2 photo association of serbia   2015  earned the title AFIAP (Artiste de la Fédération internationale de l'art photographique)   2017  earned the title EFIAP (Excellence de la Fédération internationale de l'art photographique)   2017  earned the title hMoL (honoris Master of Light)   2017  earned the title cMoL (competitive Master of Light)   

joint exhibitions
2010  july, joint exhibition in technical college under the theme of environment
2010  october, the first annual exhibition of photo-club “apolo” under the theme “life”
2010  december, exhibition and charity auction under the free theme
2011  april, eastern exhibition in the eco-park under the theme “in honour of nature”
2011  may, the second annual exhibition of photo-club ”apolo” under the theme “portrait”
2012  march, memorial-museum 21. october, “in the lens of time and memory”
2012  april, photo-club novi sad, the first international salon of photography “woman”
2012  may, the third annual exhibition of photo-club ”apolo” under the theme “three”
2013  may, photo-club kula, the first international salon of photography “kula 2013”
2013  june, photo-club novi sad, the second international salon of photography “fkns - grand prix 2013”
2013  september, photo-club kula, the first international salon of photography “woman - man - child 2013”
2013  december, the fotogram art studio, the third international annual salon of digital photography
2013  december, photoclub danube, the second international circuit exhibition “miroc 2013”
2014  january, photoclub 202 zaječar, international circuit exhibition “tourism 2013”
2014  may, the fifth annual exhibition of photo-club “apolo” under the theme “storyteller”
2014  june, photo kino club paraćin, praise for collection of photographs “running across”
2014  june, ifsak istanbul, the first international exhibition of art photography “bridge 2014”
2014  june, photo club ”čačak” + photo association of serbia, 12th days of photography in cacak (national exhibition)
2014  july, photoclub bor, the seventh international photography exhibition “bor 2014”
2014  jul, photo club smederevo, international salon of photography “smederevo 2014”
2014  jul, photoclub danube, bor, the third international exhibition “danube 2014”
2014  november, photo club focus, tehran, khayyam international exhibition of photography 2014
2014  december, marmaris municipality, marmaris, 1st marmaris international photography festival
2014  december, the yorkshire photographic union, yorkshire, yorkshire international salon 2014
2015  january, friends of colorful india, thane, foci international salon 2015
2015  february, maitland camera club, maitland, maitland international salon of photography 2015
2015  march, srbija foto, belgrade, salon singidunum 2015
2015  march, strom, ružomberok, 30th international exhibition photography of landscape
2015  march, photoclub čačak, miniature 2015
2015  march, fotoklub leonding, leonding, 7th international digital photo award
2015  april, club photographic art association of transcarpathia, uzhhorod, 1st international salon of art photo carpathian kruh 2015
2015  may, photoclub danube, bor, 2nd malinik digital circuit 2015
2015  june, club photo de la gacilly, la gacilly, 12th international photographic festival of la gacilly “people and nature”
2015  june, photoclub “čačak” + photo association of serbia, 13th days of photography in cacak (national exhibition)
2015  june, photoclub kragujevac, good light! 2015, fss silver
2015  november, world photo art gallery, bijeljina, artfoto 2015, afg mention
2015  november, srbija foto, belgrade, second international salon “shadows 2015”, fss mention
2015  november, photo-club danube, donji milanovac, 3rd international salon “rtanj 2015”, upi mention, upi gold, salon gold
2015  november, photoclub čačak, serbia, “čačak i čačani 2015”, second prize
2015  november, photographic art association of transcarpathia, uzhhorod, ukraine, 6th international photo salon “panorama of my country 2015”, paat diploma
2015  december, photo-club novi sad, serbia, “balkan circuit 2015”, psa mention
2015  december, international sillian organisation 2015, belgium, “iso 2015”
2015  november, photo-club novi sad, serbia, “annual salon fkns 2015”
2015  december, mersin photographic society (mfd), turkey, “8th international salon of mfd”
2015  december, art balance, belgrade, “life balance 2015”, salon mention
2016  january, cairo international photographic art exhibition, egypt, “cipae 2015”
2016  january, digital circuit, serbia, bosnia and hercegovina, montenegro, “atm circuit 2015”, salon mention
2016  january, pannonia reflections, lendava, slovenia, salon of photography “pannonia reflections 2015”, gold salon
2016  february, photo-club cerkno, slovenia, “11th international exhibition mask 2016”
2016  february, maitland camera club, australia, 71st maitland international salon of photography
2016  march, digital photo world, serbia, russia, south africa, hungary, “4th digital circuit miroc 2015”
2016  march, srbija foto, belgrade, “singidunum 2016”
2016  april, crete, santorini, mykonos, rhodos, greece, 4th greek photographic circuit 2016
2016  april, cairo, egypt, 2nd int. photographic art exhibition “city soul 2016”
2016  april, novi sad, serbia, dpw wmc circuit 2016
2016  april, gimnazija leskovac, serbia, “kultura i ja 2016”
2016  june, “f. mochi”, montevarchi, italy, 4° circuito 8 marzo fotografia 2016
2016  june, kolkata, india, “2nd double half photo festival 2016”
2016  july, fiap, serbia, “18th nature biennal prints section”
2016  august, dom kulture ivanovo, serbia, “ivanovo u fokusu 2016”
2016  november, welsh photographic federation, great britain, “38th welsh international salon 2016”
2016  november, tbilisi, georgia, 1st international photo salon «georgian drag – 2016»
2016  december, international sillian organisation, belgium, “iso 2016”
2016  december, photo-club novi sad, serbia, “annual salon fkns 2016”
2016  december, photo-club kumanovo, macedonia, “koriton kratovo 2016”
2016  december, konya, turkey, ufsd, “5th ufsd international art photography competition”, special jury award
2016  december, varna, bulgaria, “photo contest bulgaria”
2017  january, lendava, slovenia, “pannonia reflections 2016”
2017  may, serbia/montenegro, „nsapk circuit 2017”, salon hm
2017  may, serbia/bulgaria/macedonia/bih, „4th malinik digital circuit 2017”, salon hm
2017  may, paracin, serbia, „60. republička izložba fotografije”
2017  may, art bureau nyc, new york, usa, „new york – manhattan 2017”, iaap ribbon
2017  may, jodhpur, india, „3rd jodhpur international circuit 2017”, salon hm
2017  june, germany, “german international dvf-photocup 2017”
2017  june, cacak, serbia, „balkan dream 2017”
2017  june, fotogram salon, belgrade, serbia, „in glory of woman 2017”
2017  june, photo club 202, zajecar, serbia/slovenia/bulgaria, „ecological truth 2017”
2017  june, worldphoto artgallery, bijeljina, bih/ukraine, „afg grand circuit 2017”, salon hm
2017  july, university photo cinema club, banja luka, bih, „6th international exhibition photo emotion 2017”
2017  august, cultural center omoljica, serbia, „žisel 2017”
2017  august, cultural center ivanovo, serbia, „ivanovo in focus 2017”
2017  august, photo club novi sad, serbia/montenegro, „two country circuit 2017”, salon hm
2017  august, photo club balkan, bor, serbia, „2nd exhibition wonder 2017”, fss gold
2017  august, cacak, serbia, „corsica 2017”
2017  august, photo club danube, serbia/romania/bulgaria/belarus, „2nd danube digital circuit 2017”, ics gold
2017  august, association artphoto, bijeljina, bih, „4th international exhibition artfoto 2017”
2017  august, photo cinema club cacak, serbia, macedonia, montenegro, „2nd grand m.s.m. circuit 2017”, gradac pgi silver
2017  august, fotogram salon, belgrade, serbia, „fotogram salon 2017”, psa silver
2017  september, mersin, turkey, „mof 2017”, salon hm, gpu silver
2017  september, photo club gradac, cacak, serbia, „3rd international salon of photography gradac 2017”, salon hm
2017  september, photo club kula, serbia, „tour circuit 2017”, salon hm, salon bronze
2017  september, photo doboj, bih, „infinty 2017”
2017  september, photo club photography, negotin, serbia, „adventure 2017”
2017  september, full frame photo club, india, „1st vintage circuit 2017”, vic ribbon
2017  september, photo club kragujevac, serbia, „gruzani i knicani 2017”, salon hm
2017  october, digital photo world, novi sad, serbia, „3rd dpw summer circuit 2017”
2017  october, photo club 202, zajecar, serbia/russia, „child 2017”
2017  november, aalokbaani, india, „ab awards 2017”
2017  november, photo club novi sad, serbia/montenegro, „vojvodina circuit 2017”, salon hm
2017  november, cacak, serbia, „photo winner 2017”
2017  november, greek artistic photography club, heraklion, greece, „5th olympic photo circuit 2017”, salon diploma
2017  december, photographic society of wojnicz fotum, poland, „3rd wojnicz 2017”
2017  december, photo club kula, serbia/montenegro, „balkan circuit 2017”, salon hm
2017  december, photo club balkan, bor, serbia, „desire 2017”
2017  december, photo club danube, serbia/belarus/south africa/macedonia, „2nd circuit camera obscura 2017”
2017  decembar, fotogram salon, belgrade, serbia, „belgrade photo autumn 2017”
2017  december, cacak, serbia, „travelling and living 2017”
2017  december, photo club perasto, kotor, montenegro, „travelling and living 2017”, salon hm, fiap hm
2017  december, art bureau nyc, new york, usa, „brooklyn 2017”, iaap ribbon
2017  december, photo-club novi sad, serbia, “annual salon fkns 2017”, salon silver
2017  december, photo-club kumanovo, macedonia, “koriton 2017”
2018  january, declic image lege 44, france, “12th french digital tour 2017”

group exhibitions
2016  may, exhibition of the most successful authors of the photoclub kragujevac, kratovo, macedonija, „continuing the tradition”, 12 works

2017  june, exhibition, kumanovo, macedonia, 45 works

  goran kojadinovic
photo: jasna stevanović

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